is the key to creating fertile soil in nature. We all know that if you farm the same things over and over again on a strip of land, the soil becomes depleted and NOTHING will grow. It is essential to have a diverse mix of plants to create extremely healthy and nutrient-rich soil.

The SAME principle can be applied to our
INNER soil. Doing the same things day in and day out just depletes our personal inner soil. To create nutrient-rich, sustainable soil with which to live our lives to the fullest, we need to diversify, try new things and stay curious…we need to grow wildflowers in our inner soul's garden.

Xplorer Girls was created to shake things up and help you get a little dirty and start cultivating your inner soil!





What is Xplorer Girls all about?
Head­quar­tered in the sub­urbs of Chicago, the inten­tion of the Xplorer Girls is to not take life so seri­ously and to have some fun with explo­ration of the world out­side, as well as within your­self. Explorations are crafted that are more than likely some­thing that you have never tried or haven’t done in years. Participants are given only the loca­tion and no details as to what the excur­sion will entail. This con­cept of let­ting go, going with the flow and being present is a key prin­ci­ple of the Xplorer Girls. Whether it is learn­ing to fly a kite again, tak­ing a pot­tery class, learn­ing how to cook a new cuisine…you leave the plan­ning up to the experts here at Xplorer Girls. You just show up and enjoy the surprise.

Each explo­ration is cre­ated to dive into a dif­fer­ent ele­ment of mind, body and spirit, call­ing upon dif­fer­ent aspects of our­selves includ­ing the fem­i­nine side, spir­i­tual, cre­ative, play­ful, curi­ous, adventurous…you get the picture…

IMG_0380 IMG_0541

What Xplorer Girls is not.
This is not Fear Fac­tor, you won’t be eat­ing bugs, sky­div­ing or doing any­thing blind­folded. FUN not FEAR is the motto here at Xplorer Girls.

If you are curi­ous about what all this cul­ti­va­tion of your “inner soil” is about sign up for one of our upcom­ing excursions.


My “Jerry Maguire” Moment

Yes, you know what I am talking about, I just had one of those “Jerry Maguire” moments where you realize that it matters immensely what you do with your life and your work. Don’t worry it won’t be a full 50 page manifesto...but the following does come from my heart.

I want women to wake up and stop living life on autopilot. That very simply put is what Xplorer Girls is all about...stirring things up to help women locate their essence again. I feel most women I know are surviving life versus living it, going from one item on a “to do” list to the next. Doing for everyone else and not taking proper care of themselves. And the scary part is that they do it without even thinking about it.

They don’t know what makes them happy.
They don’t remember who they are without their families and careers.
They use the words “I can’t” a lot.

As much as I want everyone to have fun on our excursions that isn’t what it is all about and I want to make sure everyone gets the BIG PICTURE. What I REALLY want is for women to find a little tiny piece of themselves that has been lost or discarded.

Xplorer Girls is more than just an occasional good time, I want it to be an integral part of life. I want women to see that taking time for themselves whether it is a self defense class, trying on bras or going to a Comedy Club, is just as important as a client meeting, Boy Scouts, yoga, doing the laundry or cleaning the house. I want it to be something that can’t be missed. It is recess for real life, allowing time to play, try new things, relax, breath and find yourself again....that is what Xplorer Girls is all about.

So I hope you will sign up for our next excursion (and the next and the next...) today. :)

Darcie xo
Founder and Fellow Xplorer Girl